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Male Vocals, Strong Guitar, Full Band

Male Vocals, Multi-Instrumental
Basic English
Tim Armour & John Davis are both Basic English and Train Wreck
Sugar Moon Activities for Basic English & Train Wreck:

Growing up on the same street in Moncton, New Brunswick - and receiving guitars one Christmas - has led Tim Armour and John Davis on a life-long friendship and songwriting partnership. While the two ended up attending university in Halifax, their academic careers were cut short when they both left to become - with another boyhood friend, Roger Whyte - local heroes with their band, Basic English. They brought their straight-ahead rock to the exploding Toronto music scene of the 1980s and won both the Q107 Homegrown contest and a CASBY Award within a couple of months. They went on to land a recording and touring deal, with Terry Brown (Rush) producing them, and opening often for Canadian icons, Blue Rodeo, their videos seen on MuchMusic. Their label went bust and they went through several incarnations as a band, exploring bluegrass, goth and other sounds, but always writing and exploring. Thirty years later, Basic English is out playing again, and writing new material - always evolving, but true to their vision.