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Country, Folk, Jazz
Singer, Songwriter
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Dolores Dagenais

Born into a large musical family, Dolores grew up listening to all the greats of country music and watching her mother, also a songwriter, pen her own country tunes for the country trio that her parents played in throughout the 70's. The first song she learned to sing with the guitar was Miller's "Honky Tonk Angels" ...quite the sight coming from a chubby angelic faced 11 year old, bitten early and hard by the music bug.

Currently, Dolores has over 25 years of writing under her belt and a body of work that encompasses several genres, from folk to country to jazz, and hundreds of songs. We like this gal from Nova Scotia and her heartfelt and intelligent lyrics as well as her interesting melodic twists.

"Dolores' new album is out and it's great!"